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Convenience of Mobile Belt conveyor
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

Belt MachineWith stationary and mobile, it is literally easier to see mobile, in addition toMobile ConveyorWhat other advantages are there, and in what ways does it apply? In view of the above various issues, the company according to the needs of customers detailed answers, if there is what do not understand, you can browse the company's official website can also call the consultation!

Mobile Belt MachineThe whole machine structure is light and reasonable, the traffic is good, in the design is different from the traditional fixed belt conveyor, can be in the grain, bulk, light industry, packaging indoor and outdoor loading transport operations widely used.

Mobile Belt machine, also known as DY belt conveyor, belongs to a new type of belt conveyor. The main components andBelt Conveyor, the difference is that the ordinary belt conveyor can not carry out mobile operations, and the quality of the year is heavier. Mobile Belt machine with light, mobility applicable in bulk loading, packaging transshipment and other occasions, with a variety of applicable occasions, easy maintenance and so on.ItsMobile Belt machine suitable for the site is not limited, whether indoor or outdoor, can be normal operation, minimize rainy day work. Mobile performance is good, under normal circumstances, an adult man to move without any problems. Through good sex, can directly carry out loading operations, material transshipment and other occasions, can also be applied to logistics loading and unloading operations. Easy to operate, the machine is equipped with a control box, including a main control switch, a lifting switch. Do not need to be manually guarded, boot can work.

The Mobile belt machine is composed of the fuselage frame, the walking wheel, the universal wheel, the lifting device and so on. One of the fuselage of the general case of steel pipe production, in order to reduce their own weight, improve the mobility of the Belt machine and light type. The lifting device is electric lifting and lowering, which reduces the danger caused by artificial lifting and landing and the intensity of operation.

DyThe performance and main technical parameters of the type mobile belt conveyor are comparable to those of the German Rand and ThyssenKrupp companies, the main feature is the use of high precision, its simple structureStrong versatility, large conveyor capacity, low cost, easy maintenance,DyThe hard face gear of the type mobile belt conveyor has high bearing capacity (2-3 times higher than the soft mask wheel), long life (up to 10 years), structural polymerization, small footprint (can be reduced by more than 50%), heavy weight, small size (can be reduced by 50%), especially vertical transmission structure form, More suitable for coal mine underground mine transport machinery for use.

The company's belt machine and other products of excellent quality, advanced technology, maintenance has a guarantee, life-long warranty, door-to-home installation. For customers to be more effective, long-term useRemovable belt Machine, specifically introduceMobile Belt MachineMaintenance matters:Minimize rust damage in wet environments and rainy days to prevent long-term water exposure to the fuselage and components. Periodically check the direction of the conveyor belt, to ensure that the conveyor belt running in a smooth way, to avoid the conveyor belt running deviation and produce unnecessary losses. Regular inspection of the fuselage fasteners, to ensure the good state of bolts and tensioning devices, timely addition of lubricating oil, to ensure the lubrication of bearings, regular inspection of rollers and other, replacement of damaged parts, to ensure the normal use of belt machine.