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Purpose of loading belt machine
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

Can the belt machine be loaded, just like the submarine, isn't it a little out of the blue? Today, in order to correctLoading belt MachineMisunderstanding, small part of the specially crafted its product structure and use, hope to let the vast number of people on the loading belt machine has a clearer understanding. If you have any questions and opinions, welcome customers into the official website consulting!

Loading belt MachineBy the arm rack belt machine, Transition belt machine, telescopic slide, tail car, walking device, door frame, tower, pitch device, rotary device, etc., composed of large bulk machinery used in bulk wharf loading and unloading.

The main part of the loading belt machine includes: the door frame structure, the cart walk, the arm frame pitch, the arm frame telescopic and so on mechanism, as well as the arm frame belt machine, the rotatable swinging arm frame head slide, can swing the parabolic elbow and so on main device.

The rear part of the loader includes: the tail frame mechanism, the tail car connecting the Wharf belt machine, the transfer chute and other main devices.

Wharf Belt Machine BM1, BM2, BM3 from the loading machine door frame through, and through the tail car to SLL1, SL2, SL3 loading machine feed, coal through the host of the arm belt machine, arm head of the barrel into the cabin, and the use of parabolic elbow for flat cabin operations.

It plays an important role in energy, electricity, metallurgy, ports and other industries. The loader and its supporting equipment continuous loading operations, such as grain terminal granary feed, Coal Wharf material yard in the bucket wheel feeder continuous feed and so on.

Dry bulk terminal because of loading and unloading different characteristics of goods, harsh environment requirements testing equipment and technical rigour, the future of the loader will be more and more automated.

At present, the proportion of large-scale shipping equipment is increasing, the world's largest ore loader production rate of up to 20000t/h, the application of 320,000 tons of ship type extension distance. At present, China's largest production rate of equipment is 6000t/h, the application of 100,000 tons of ship type of extension distance, but Qinhuangdao coal five has been proposed productivity 8000t/h, the application of 150,000 tons of ship type of loader.

For the port bulk cargo, the loading belt machine is more commonly used for telescopic slip barrel and telescopic cloth device. Telescopic cloth device is used to solve the high flow loading operation of loose materials. Equipment used for shipping and river transport of loose materials of large cargo ships loading operations, can be quickly completed in a relatively short period of time shipment. The equipment increased the actual capacity of the cargo compartment, bringing economic benefits to the port and loading operations, and the smooth and uniform fabric of the cargo in the cabin raised the ship's center of gravity, thus increasing the stability of the cargo ship in ocean storm weather. At the same time, the safety factor of the freighter and crew was improved. The telescopic cloth can be up to more than 10 meters in length, allowing the material to be loaded directly into a very deep cabin, while the explosion-proof design can be used according to the material. At present, the world's most new type of telescopic cloth device is Hennlich R & amp; d and manufacturing.

 The above is aboutLoading belt MachineThe details of the use, I hope you can have more understanding of the loading belt machine, if there is any doubt welcome the majority of users to inquire. The company's loading belt machine equipment sophisticated, advanced technology, quality assurance, parts lifetime warranty. If you have the intention to cooperate, you can find the company beauty Customer Service Consulting Order Oh!