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Features of mobile Belt machine
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

Belt MachineWith stationary and mobile, it is literally easier to see mobile, in addition toMobile ConveyorWhat other advantages are there, and in what ways does it apply? In view of the above various issues, the company according to the needs of customers detailed answers, if there is what do not understand, you can browse the company's official website can also call the consultation!

Mobile Belt MachineApplicable to the site is not limited, whether indoor or outdoor, can be normal operation, minimize rainy day work. Mobile performance is good, under normal circumstances, an adult man to move without any problems. Through good sex, can directly carry out loading operations, material transshipment and other occasions, can also be applied to logistics loading and unloading operations. Easy to operate, the machine is equipped with a control box, including a main control switch, a lifting switch. Do not need to be manually guarded, boot can work

Mobile Belt Conveyor has the characteristics of simple structure, easy maintenance, small energy consumption, low cost of use, but also has the following characteristics: a wide variety of materials can be transported, not only can transport a variety of bulk materials, but also can transport a variety of cartons, bags and other single pieces of lighter weight products, can also be used for large supermarket cashier's goods transportation, a Belt conveyor structure in a variety of forms, there are Groove belt machine, flat belt machine,Climbing Belt Machine, Side tilt Belt machine,Turn Belt MachineAnd many other forms,Conveyor Beltcan also be added to the push plate, side bezel, skirt and other accessories, to meet a variety of process requirements. Belt Conveyor using a special food-grade conveyor belt, can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. Smooth delivery, there is no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, can avoid damage to the conveyor. with otherConveyorCompared to less noise, suitable for the working environment requirements of quieter occasions.

Fixed typeConveyorIt should be installed on a fixed basis in accordance with the prescribed installation method. The wheel should be wedged with triangular wood or used before the mobile belt machine is officially operatedBrakeStop the brakes. In order to avoid the work of moving around, there are multiple conveyors parallel operation, between the machine and the machine, between the machine and the wall should be one meter of passage. Before use, the conveyor must check the operation part, tape buckle and bearing device is normal, the protection equipment is complete. The tensioning of the tape must be adjusted to the appropriate level before starting. Belt conveyor should be activated by no load. When the operation is normal, the material can be credited. It is forbidden to drive first after feeding. When several conveyors are in series operation, they should start from the unloading end and sequence. After all normal operation, the material can be credited. In the operation of tape running deflection phenomenon, should stop adjustment, must not grudgingly use, so as not to wear edge and increase load.

In order to better protect the product, give full play to the maximum utility of the product, in the end still do not rest assured that everyoneMobile Belt MachineIts working environment and the temperature of the materials to be sent as far as possible not higher than 50℃ andLess than-10。 Although everyone in the mobile conveyor belt with the supermarket elevatorConveying easy to confuse, enthusiastic tips bandOn the prohibition of pedestrians or people oh. Before parking must stop the feed, such as the belt on the storage of discharge to stop.ConveyorThe motor must be well insulated.Mobile ConveyorDo not pull and drag cables. The motor should be reliably grounded. When the belt slips, it is strictly forbidden to pull the belt with your hands to avoid accidents. The company's new mobile belt machine is also officially on the shelves, safety performance and convenience performance has been further improved, customers are welcome to buy!




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