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Anhui Junhao Machinery Co., Ltd. Technology Center for the Municipal Technology Center, is the main body of enterprise technology innovation, is the core competence of enterprises. It has more than 15 years of R & amp; d History of construction machinery, with strong R & amp; D and innovation capabilities.

    The R & amp; d team of the company's technology center has more than more than 10 years of experience, a group of high technical level, Practical and experienced technical leader. At present, the center has a variety of professional R & amp; d personnel near29 people, R & amp; d personnel accounted for 10.1% of the number of enterprises, including 7 senior titles, intermediate titles 10 people, enjoy government subsidy experts 1 people, municipal science and technology leaders 4 people. Junhao Company pays attention to the accumulation of talent capital, vigorously introduces all kinds of excellent professional and technical personnel, and establishes and implements a set of incentive mechanism to promote the growth of talents.

    Junhao Company Technology Center has established a computer design as the basic means of operation of the Advanced R & amp; d platform and a complete new product test and testing environment, in the process of product development, the full adoptionCAD, CAPP, PDM, MSC finite element analysis and balance analysis, noise analysis and other technical means; new processes, new technologies, new materials, and methods have been applied in many aspects of product manufacturing.

    Junhao Company adhere to multi-directional industry, research and development cooperation and international technical exchanges and cooperation, often employ domestic and foreign technical experts, scholars to conduct technical guidance and exchanges to ensure the innovation and advanced product R & amp; d.

    Junhao Company attaches great importance to building the independent innovation ability of enterprises, R & amp; d capacity as the core competence of enterprises carefully cultivated, the annual investment in R & amp; d costs accounted for about the sales revenue of enterprises5% or so.

Junhao company relies on its own R & amp; d capabilities and multi-directional research and development cooperation, technology innovation, product continuous improvement. To excellent talent, advanced production equipment, superb company technology, scientific management, for the vast number of new and old customers to provide a series of high-quality conveyor machinery and equipment, to create their own brand!

The peaks of the mountain always tempt us in front. Do the industry pioneer, so that customers can stand in our arms, see higher, go further, we will pay more action, splash more sweat, and strive!

"At the top of the list, the mountains are small." "June Hao people can do it."