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My company's quality assurance system using scientific management mode, to achieve the documentation of the quality Management system, and ensure effective implementation, so that enterprises have sufficient quality assurance capabilities, and according to the following quality assurance system to operate.

1,Contract Review  The sales company shall, in accordance with the Contract review procedure document, review each tender, contract or order before bidding and accepting the contract or order, and transmit the user's request to the relevant functional department in a timely and accurate manner.

2,Design control  By the Technical management department and product design, process department, in accordance with the "Design control procedures Document" Provisions for product process, tooling design and Design review, verification, confirmation, to ensure that the product can meet the requirements of the contract.

3,Purchasing Control  Evaluate raw material suppliers and sub-contractors, mainly from the aspects of product quality, reputation and quality certification, quality assurance capabilities, etc., the manufacturing ability and performance of the investigation and analysis, the sample identification and recognition, the process of monitoring.

4,Process Control  The process department is responsible for identifying key processes and special processes that directly affect quality, and organize the development of control documents, so that these processes are in a controlled state, to ensure that the processing quality is stable, to meet the required quality requirements.

5,Detection and test control  Strict inspection and testing of purchased semi-finished and finished productsTo ensure product quality.

    6,Handling, storage, packaging, protection and delivery  In order to maintain product qualityTo prevent damage and strictly control the process of handling, storage, packaging, protection and delivery of the product until the product is delivered to the customer in good condition as stipulated in the contract.