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Tubular Conveyor
Tubular Conveyor

Pipe Belt machine is a new type of belt conveyor developed on the basis of ordinary belt conveyor, which, like other belt conveyors, is driven by friction, and the polygon roller group arranged according to a certain spacing on its fuselage is forced to roll the auxiliary belt into a ring tubular shape. Its working process is also the material from the tail feeding funnel into the feeding section, the conveyor belt began to pass from the level10°, 20°, 30°, 45° ...

Step by step to change intoU-shaped, and then through the Transition section gradient to circular tubular shape, the formation of the material wrapped in closed operation, transport to the Head transition section, conveyor belt and then changed from tubular to U-shaped, gradually into parallel, in the unloading point material unloaded. Carrying, the return branch conveyor belt can form a circular tubular operation, or make the return branch run in parallel.