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Dtⅱ Type Belt Machine
Dtⅱ Type Belt Machine

The Dtⅱ type fixed belt conveyor is a new general series of products which is optimized for design and improvement on the basis of the TD75 type of the ministerial standard. Because of its reasonable design, strong structure, durable, strong versatility and other characteristics, is widely used in electric power, coal, mining, metallurgy, building materials, ports, chemicals. Light industry, tobacco, environmental protection, food and many other industries. Used to transport loose density 500-2500kg/m³ of various scattered, bulk materials or pieces of items. The layout form is designed to be horizontal or inclined according to the user's site and process requirements, and can also realize the effect of self-control of the group transportation system and the transportation system formed by the combination of single-machine drive or multiple machines. The temperature of the conveying material is less than 65 ℃, the working ambient temperature is -25℃-+40℃, and the necessary protective measures shall be taken for the working environment with special requirements.

This series of conveyors inOn the basis of TD75 type conveyor, the difference of optimization design is as follows: The head frame is changed to triangular reinforcement type, the drive mode becomes from the original single drive to the head drive, the middle drive and the multi-point drive, the reducer from the original ZQ series into Zsy, Dcy and other series of reducer, the layout form is flexible, and increase GN, NJ Series Inverter and YWZ series brakes to ensure safe operation; All rollers are made of casting welding structure, expansion sleeve connection, roller shaft using the adjustment, heat treatment process, tightening mode by the original tail tightening to add the head tightening, the tail tightening, heavy Chung tightening and vertical tightening, tape on the basis of raw cotton canvas to increase nylon, Polyester canvas and wire rope core a variety of varieties to adapt to the transport of different blocks of materials.

This model can fully meet the level, tilt, up, down and other process requirements, but also can be used convex arc section, concave arc section and straight line of the combination of the transport form, while the size of the conveyor block degree key depends on the model's bandwidth, belt speed, Slot angle and tilt angle, the user in the selection can be selected according to the field requirements and technical specifications.