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NSE Hoist
NSE Hoist

NSE TypeBucket hoistIt is suitable for lifting powdery and small granular materials, such as: cement, pulverized coal, broken gravel finer ore and so on.


Large conveying Capacity: This series of hoist is the largest hoist in similar structure size in China, and the lifting volume is100~1000m3/h. Small drive power: the use of inflow feeding, inductive unloading, large capacity of hopper-intensive layout. In the material lifting, there is almost no return and digging phenomenon, so the invalid power is less, than the ring chain hoist to save 30% power.

Long service life: Hoist feed to take the inflow type, no need to use bucket digging material, there is very little extrusion and collision between the materials, the machine in the design to ensure that the material in the feeding, lifting and unloading rarely scattered, reducing mechanical wear. The use of plate chain high-strength wear-resistant conveyor chain, greatly extend the service life of the chain and Hopper. Under normal use, the conveyor chain has a service life of more than3 years.

High Lifting Height: This series of hoist without hopper digging, smooth operation, and the use of plate chain high-strength chain, so can reach a higher height of the hoist, in the rated conveyor capacity, can be improved≤50 Rice.

Wide range of AscensionThis type of hoist requires less material type and characteristics. It can not only improve the general powder, small granular material, but also improve the material and temperature with greater grinding.The ≤200℃ item.

Good operation reliability: Advanced design principles and processing methods, to ensure the reliability of the operation of the whole machine, easy operation, maintenance, less wear parts. Trouble-free time exceeds20,000 hours.

Good structure rigidity, high precision: the chassis by folding edge and middle pressure convex, after welding, good rigidity and beautiful appearance. Good sealability and less environmental pollution.

Low combined cost: low cost of use due to less energy savings and maintenance.

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