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FU Chain Conveyor
FU Chain Conveyor

FU Chain ConveyorIs our company in the digestion and absorption of Japan, the United Kingdom, Switzerland production of chain conveyor advanced technology based on the design and manufacture of a new product of bulk transportation. The product has a reasonable design, novel structure, energy saving is significant, light weight, small size, good sealing performance, can load multi-point unloading, flexible process layout, large conveying capacity, long service life, installation, maintenance and other characteristics. Especially suitable for building materials, chemical industry, grain, mining, thermal power, smelting, ports, heating and other industries.

Chain conveyor is suitable for conveying powdery, small granular and small block materials. The conveying material is: Cement, crushed coal, pulverized coal, limestone powder, coke powder, yellow sand, sawdust, wheat, salt, starch, cottonseed, shredded feed, rice, soybeans, corn, urea, synthetic fertilizer, soap powder, soda powder, plastic particles, sulfur, polyethylene, resin, potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfide, graphite, viscose powder, slag, soda and so on.