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Mobile Belt Machine
Mobile Belt Machine

Mobile Belt MachineAlso known asDY Belt Conveyor, belongs to a new type of belt conveyor. The main components are the same as belt conveyor, the difference is that the ordinary belt conveyor can not carry out mobile operations, and the quality of the year is heavier. Mobile Belt machine with light, mobility applicable in bulk loading, packaging transshipment and other occasions, with a variety of applicable occasions, easy maintenance and so on.

The Mobile belt machine is composed of the fuselage frame, the walking wheel, the universal wheel, the lifting device and so on. One of the fuselage of the general case of steel pipe production, in order to reduce their own weight, improve the mobility of the Belt machine and light type. The lifting device is electric lifting and lowering, which reduces the danger caused by artificial lifting and landing and the intensity of operation.

Mobile Belt machine in the design is different from the traditional fixed belt conveyor, the whole machine structure is light and reasonable, and because of its good traffic, can be widely used in grain, bulk, light industry, packaging indoor and outdoor loading and unloading operations.