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NE hoist
NE hoist

 NE typeBucket hoistThe use of flow feeding, so that the conveyor parts and materials between the small extrusion collision, smooth operation, very little maintenance.

The conveyor chain adopts the surface contact of the plate chain, which replaces the point contact of the traditional bucket ring chain, so that the life span is greatly extended, and the life of the conveyor chain can reach more than five years.

Due to the use of inflow feeding, gravity induced unloading, low bucket speed (15-30m/min), no return phenomenon, the driving power is only equivalent to about 80% of the ordinary ring chain bucket hoist.

High operating rate, trouble-free operation up to 30,000 hours or more. 
Large conveying capacity, conveying volume in15-800 m3/h Range.
Good sealing, less environmental pollution. 
Easy operation and maintenance, less wear parts