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Advantages of air oblique groove phase for conveyor
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

We all know that cement is a universal material in building buildings, but how is it produced, and what tools are used in its production process? Today, in order to answer the above questions, the small editor specially selected the modern cement production indispensable tool-AirInclined Groove, and it is used as the object of discussion. You can take a look at the following introduction, what questions can go to the company's official website to inquire!

Air Conveyor Slant GrooveMaterial status for dry powdery or granular after 3 to 6mm easily inflated powder particles, surface moisture can be around 0.8%, otherwise it will cause stasis, or even blockage. Conveying capacity: The conveyor volume of the slant is affected by more factors, which often vary greatly. The slant groove is different from other conveying machinery, the conveying quantity is too low, often can not carry the material smoothly. On the contrary, the appropriate increase in the muscular layer can improve the material gasification uniformity, but should pay attention to keep the thickness of the material layer as the height of the channel (upper shell) around the 1/4~1/3, pay attention to the selection of the appropriate groove width according to the productivity. Excessive thickness of the material layer will have an adverse effect on the conveyor.

Air conveying slant groove conveying slope: The arrangement of slant Groove is arranged downwards along the direction of the material, the slope is generally 4%~10%, and the larger slope should be used as far as possible, which can improve the conveying efficiency. Air slant Conveyor is used for the horizontal transport of dry powdery materials (such as cement, raw materials in cement enterprises) equipment. It is composed of several groove joints made of thin steel and arranged in a certain slope along its conveying direction. In the middle of the upper and lower shell of the groove, a breathable layer is clamped.

The high end of the conveying material is fed into the upper shell, and the compressed air is blown into the lower shell by a special blower, and distributed among the material particles through the breathable layer of the dense pores, so that the material carries on the so-called gasification to change the friction angle of the material, in order to form the flow state and slide along the slope to achieve the transportation

Because the air slant in the conveying material does not drive the parts with its function of the belt conveyor, screw conveyor, buried scraper conveyor compared with less wear, easy maintenance, less power consumption, material saving, noiseless, good sealing, simple construction, safe and reliable operation, at the same time easy to change the direction of transportation and multi-point feeding, unloading and other advantages. As a result, it has been adopted by many enterprises in recent years.

Inclined Groove width (mm)

Conveying capacity) (Cu m/h)









Slope: 6% Straight slant groove is not affected by the flange structure, you can choose any slope. Slope of transport circulating grinding coarse material recommendation 10% Generally speaking, it is advantageous to use a large slope when the arrangement may and the wear condition of the breathable layer permit. 4. Gas consumption: 1.5 to 3 cubic meters/min, square meter breathable layer. All kinds of materials and their status, breathable layer situation, slant groove slope, the gas consumption has different degrees of influence. Generally can be based on 2 (cubic meter/minute, square meter breathable layer) to consider. 5. Air pressure: 400~600 water column (mm). Large specifications, long slant grooves and other conditions to take a large value. It can generally be considered by 500 (mm water column).

XZSeries Air Conveyor slant groove mainly composed of parts parts are: Feed pipe, straight groove body, groove frame, peep window, discharge pipe. According to the conveyor line and its process requirements, such as: the need to redirection, turn, throttle, etc., the response to the configuration of bending groove, three-way, four-way, valve and so on. Company product purchase, parts life-long change!

The above is aboutAirInclined GrooveThe details of the use, hope to give you in the construction engineering and other academic to bring help. If there is a need for shopping in the conveyor slant, you are welcome to call the majority of users to inquire about ordering! The company has been pursuing a professional development path, through continuous improvement, always master the high-end precision of the core technology, superb manufacturing technology and product quality control, with our professional services to help customers create higher value, we believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, will be able to achieve mutual benefit with customers and win!