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TD75 Type Belt Machine
TD75 Type Belt Machine

TD75 type Fixed Belt conveyor is the National Ministry issued Standard General-purpose products. Because of its simple structure, low cost, fast installation, easy maintenance, strong versatility and other characteristics, is widely used in electric power, coal, mining, metallurgy, building materials, ports, chemicals, light industry, tobacco, environmental protection, food and many other industries. Used to transport a variety of scattered, bulk materials or pieces of items with a loose density of 500-2500kg/m³. The layout form is designed to be horizontal or inclined according to the user's site and process requirements, and can also realize the effect of automatic control of the group transportation system and transportation systems formed by the combination of single-machine drive or multi-machine. The temperature of the conveying material should be less than 50 ℃, the working ambient temperature is -25℃-+40℃, and the necessary protective measures should be taken for the working environment with special requirements.

This model can fully meet the level, tilt, up, down and other process requirements, can also be used convex arc section, concave arc section and straight line combination of the transport form, users in the selection can be selected according to different terrain and technical requirements.

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