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Improvement measures of new type of loading belt machine
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

Today in response to the vast number of old customers continue to cooperate, the company has issued a new technology-advanced next-generationLoading belt Machine! Old customers who know the details of the industry know the previousLoading belt MachineInAfter the completion of the wharf design and construction, because the wharf construction can not meet the demand for cargo throughput in the short term, it is necessary to increase the export function on the wharf, but it can not affect other cargo loading and unloading operations on the wharf. In order to solve the actual needs of the project, it is necessary to design the loader to adapt to the longer ship port, to meet the shipping requirements of 5000 tons of ships. That new generation of loading belt machine technology innovation in what aspects, the following to do a specific introduction!

If the use of fixed-point return loader, although it can reduce the occupancy of the wharf platform, reduce the impact on other cargo operations but can not meet the requirements of covering the cabin, so the type of loader is not selected.

If the rear fixed-point feeding, in front of the straight track on the swing loader, although it can reduce the loading machine on the terminal platform occupancy length, to achieve full coverage of the cabin, but the wharf platform behind the new loading machine after supporting the transfer station, and supporting the construction of conveyor system, investment is large, the duration can not meet the engineering requirements. Therefore, this kind of loader is not used.

If the existing linear rail loader is used, a ground fixing conveyor should be arranged in the direction of the loader's walk, and the truck on the loading machine needs to be set up to supply the tail car, and the tail car will walk on the ground fixing conveyor. Although the existing linear rail loader is convenient to cover the cabin, but the ground fixed conveyor is laid on the wharf platform, occupying the wharf operation of a larger space, affecting the wharf platform on other cargo loading and unloading operations, can not be adopted.

The new belt loader is improved on the basis of the existing linear track loader, and instead of arranging the ground fixing conveyor, it will combine the conveyor belt with the tail car, adopt the full walking type, walk on the special track, direct the ship machine to the loading machine feed, the wharf platform is all vacated, convenient for other goods and other kinds of operation.ItsMounted on a barge or pierTo transport bagged goods to a shipping ship,The upper end equipment mainly conveyor belt machine, the lower end is the transport ship. It can then transfer the cargo of the upper belt machine to the transport freighter, easy to manually stack the code. Widely used in cement plants, fertilizer plants, coal plants, haggard stone field and other industries of loading operations. Can be designed for users to produce the entire shipping conveyor system.

Loading belt MachineMain technical parameters: conveying speed: 1.6m/s; bandwidth: 800; Main conveyor belt machine drive electric drum: Power: 7.5kw, Diameter: φ500, redirection roller diameter: φ240; Roller diameter: φ76, upper roller spacing: 500, lower roller spacing: 2500; main conveyor belt machine length of 9.5 meters, telescopic belt machine length of 6 meters, telescopic length of 5 meters. The power of the telescopic motor is about 2.2kw, the rotary can reach 360 °, the Rotary drive motor has a power of about 2.2kw, the belt machine can be swung 15 °, and the 20° to the hem to meet the needs of loading, the hydraulic cylinder travel about 1250, with its own hydraulic workstation.

 The above is aboutLoading belt MachineThe details of the use, I hope you can have more understanding of the loading belt machine, if there is any doubt welcome the majority of users to inquire. The company's loading belt machine equipment sophisticated, advanced technology, quality assurance, parts lifetime warranty. If you have the intention to cooperate, you can find the company beauty Customer Service Consulting Order Oh!