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Main technical structure of slag removal machine
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

We all know the dust collector, the cleaning machine, that slag removal machine? is the slag removal machine used to remove food scraps after fruit, such as the use of soy milk machine or broken wall cooking machine? Of course notSlag removal machineCan play an irreplaceable role in power supply, heating and other projects! Today's small series for you to introduce the detailed introduction of slag removal machine!

Slag removal machineMainly by the slag bucket, bottom cover, longitudinal beam, heavy hammer frame, counterweight hammer, spindle and bearings, cushioning brakes, water sprinklers, water spills, limiter and other parts, is to remove the furnace material equipment.

Slag removal machine is mainly divided into disk slag removal machine, Martin type slag removal machine, buried scraper slag removal machine, heavy-duty frame chain slag removal machine, winch slag removal machine, shredded push slag removal machineSingle double chain scraper slag removal machine. Single double chain Slag removal machine equipment for the production of steam furnace, heating hot water furnace of a variety of boiler rooms to remove ash use, slag removal machine can be with 4 tons-75 tons of horizontal pot, fast installation boiler supporting, single or more serial parallel use, through the chain cycle rotation, ash drag out of the iron groove to the outside. The use of double-stranded slag removal machine equipment can reduce the labor intensity of slag removal, improve the working conditions of boiler room, the use of boiler normal operation, to ensure the production, domestic hot water steam, double-chain slag removal machine belongs to the open type different from other closed slag removal machine, can omit Martin style, large and small slag can be directly discharged outside It is now used in many places throughout the country. It has the characteristics of small footprint, reliable operation and long service life, and the scraper adopts cast steel scraper, which has greatly increased wear resistance and structural stiffness compared with ordinary welded scraper. The scraper support is changed to cast stone rail support or medium spacer plate with cast slate as support, which avoids all kinds of defects of using roller as support, and also reduces maintenance cost. The traction chain adopts the mine high strength ring chain, the chain material is 25MnVK, after long-term use, the quality is reliable and durable, and the sleeve roller chain sprocket is used between the drive device and the spindle, and the sprocket adopts mechanical overload protection device, which can effectively protect the equipment when the running resistance of the equipment is too large. Suitable for all types of industrial boilers with slag laid out behind the boiler to remove slag from the single furnace. This kind of slag removal machine does not need the pit, the gray box, the installation is simple, the use maintenance is convenient. A continuous conveying equipment for material displacement driven by a flexible member traction scraper. Suitable for medium and small industrial boilers multi-furnace slag removal. It has the characteristics of small footprint, reliable operation and long service life. The continuous wet conveying equipment which promotes the displacement of the material by the traction scraper of the flexible member. Suitable for large and medium-sized industrial boilers single furnace or multi-furnace continuous slag removal. It has the characteristics of large slag removal ability, low power consumption, convenient maintenance and long service life. Suitable for all slag layout in the following industrial boiler single furnace slag removal, with a small footprint, reliable operation, long service life, no pit, gray box, simple installation, easy to use maintenance, by the flexible member traction scraper to promote material displacement of the continuous conveyor equipment.

Slag removal machineWear problems often occur in the operation of material impact, such as bearing chamber wear at the transmission site. The traditional repair methods are surfacing and brushing, but the high temperature thermal stress produced by surfacing is easy to cause material damage, resulting in deformation or fracture of components, and the method of brush plating and machining often requires external association, long repair cycle and high cost. With the development of technology, polymer composites can be used to solve the wear problem of slag removal machine at present, among which the application of American Jiahua technology system is more mature. The material has good adhesion, compressive strength and wear resistance, can be on-site non-disassembly repair, not only the effect of non-removable welding thermal stress, repair thickness is not limited, at the same time, because of its lack of metal retreat, can be a good absorption of slag removal machine impact vibration, to avoid secondary wear.

Hope to bring you light and warmth in the process of living electricity and heating, and matchSlag removal machineCan remove waste residue, fresh environment, let it in addition to the life of the Troubles and all filth, may your life clean and bright, have quality! If you have any questions or needs, welcome customers to come to inquire about ordering!