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How to select squamous plate conveyor
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

For the imaginative students, we think thatSquamous plate Conveyoris not like a mermaid, the body has scales, the belly is like a cartoon big Bear side of the Doraemon can be loaded into countless items at any time to send and take out? In fact, the real scale conveyor also has a sci-fi color, it plays an irreplaceable role in the construction of the project! We can go into the life of the scale conveyor, and really understand the characteristics of the scale conveyor, let us make friends with it, let it play an important role conducive to life!

Squamous plate Conveyoris a type of plate conveyor, it transports high temperature materials and bulk materials, one of the equipment, is widely used in the industrial field. According to its chain production form can be divided into sleeve roller chain type scale conveyor (BLT type), stamping chain type scale conveyor (BLY) and casting chain type scale conveyor (BLZ type), because of the form of its chain, so that they have their own advantages and disadvantages in the use of the process, so in the selection of the time should pay attention.

The advantages of three types of scale conveyors are as follows:

First: The structure is reinforced by transverse, oblique and angle steel, the traction chain is connected with a short shaft respectively, and the walking wheel is equipped with rolling bearings;

Second: can withstand the larger traction, simple structure, easy processing and production, low cost, can be transported over long distances;

The disadvantages of these three kinds of scale conveyors are as follows:

First, the structure of the BLZ type Groove body is not a stamping groove body, but the use of casting groove body;

Second, the BLT type traction chain structure is complex, the processing parts are many, the manufacture is more difficult, the cost is higher. The joint wear of the Bly traction chain is fast, which affects the service life of the conveyor. BLZ type of operation part of the self-important, more bulky. Due to the defects in casting and the brittleness of cast iron, the phenomenon of chain breakage and groove smashing may occur in use.

Third, the use of some differences, BLT type and Bly type are applicable to the load of large, long-distance transport needs, but the BLZ type is only suitable for weak processing capacity, steel source is less.

Overall,Squamous plate ConveyorThe advantage is obvious, it has the advantages of large bearing capacity, long conveying distance and small power consumption, and is suitable for conveying high temperature materials in building materials, electric power and other industries. can also be equipped according to the requirements of the field frequency conversion speed regulation, can easily adjust the throughput, in order to facilitate and process matching. If you have the intention, welcome to buy!