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Advantages of squamous plate conveyor
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

For the imaginative students, we think thatSquamous plate Conveyoris not like a mermaid, the body has scales, the belly is like a cartoon big Bear side of the Doraemon can be loaded into countless items at any time to send and take out? In fact, the real scale conveyor also has a sci-fi color, it plays an irreplaceable role in the construction of the project! We can go into the life of the scale conveyor, and really understand the characteristics of the scale conveyor, let us make friends with it, let it play an important role conducive to life!

The old-fashioned plate conveyor is mostly the roller in the middle of the chip chain, not only the walking member, but also the force transfer member, and its roller and sleeve between the sliding friction, the resistance coefficient is large. Sprocket materials are generally zg3lo to 570 (or zg27o to 500) cast steel, the number of teeth is generally 6 to 8. Plate conveyor is the transport of bulk materials, sprocket teeth number of 6 teeth, due to poor working environment, and chain drive lubrication is mostly manual, lubrication status is not ideal. Chain Hinge and sprocket teeth wear more seriously under the action of variable stress. Furthermore, the number of sprocket teeth is small, and the dynamic load generated by the transmission is large, which is easy to cause fatigue pitting on the surface of the sleeve and roller. Another due to hinge wear, chain total length elongation, so that the chain of loose edge vertical, increase the dynamic load, vibration, and even jump teeth, increase the noise and pin shaft due to wear weakened and fracture and other faults, thus exacerbating the chain failure. Chain drive in the process of operation, chains and driven sprockets are active transmission motion, resulting in the parts connected to the moving sprocket also produce periodic velocity changes, resulting in dynamic loads. The size of the dynamic load is related to the quality of the rotary parts and the size of the acceleration. In order to improve these conditionsSquamous plate ConveyorThe application is born.

Squamous plate ConveyorIt's a plate conveyor.The scale conveyor has a wide range of application and is suitable for continuous and uniform distribution and transportation of the storage silo to the crusher, conveyor or other working machinery along the horizontal or inclined line segment. Plate feeder is widely used in mining, cement, chemical and metallurgical enterprises in the selection, transshipment, batching and other processes. Suitable for large and medium-sized cement plant production line loose, block, high volume feeding process, can transport large chunks, can be in high temperature and humidity harsh environment reliable work. According to the stacking density and block size of conveying materials, it is divided into light and medium-sized plate feeder. Lightweight machine Conveyor Material stacking density is not greater than 1200KG/M3, block weight does not exceed 140kg, temperature is not higher than 350of various lumps and granular, scattered materials, conveyor plate width is generally between 500mm and 1250mm.

The structure of scale conveyor has various forms, and its installation form can be divided into fixed type and mobile type, according to the arrangement form of conveyor can be divided into horizontal type, horizontal-tilt type, tilt type, tilt-horizontal type, horizontal-tilt-horizontal type, etc., according to the structure form of traction member can be divided into sleeve roller chain type, stamping chain type Ring chain type and its detachable chain type; According to the number of traction can be divided into single-chain and double-chain type, according to the structure of the bottom plate can be divided into scale plate (with retaining edge wave, unstoppable edge wave, retaining edge deep type, etc.) peace plate; According to the operation characteristics of the conveyor can be divided into continuous and pulsating type.

For the above introduction, we are notSquamous plate ConveyorThere's more to know, actually secretly tell you it'sThe advantages are many, it has a wide range of application, general solid materials and pieces of materials can be used for its transport, conveying capacity, its traction chain strength is high, can be used for long-distance transportation. If there is confusion welcome customers to come to consult and communicate!