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Introduction of new FU chain conveyors with advanced technology from Japan, the United Kingdom and Switzerland
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

The company recently launched a new generation of chain conveyor, a new generation of LuFU Chain ConveyorIs our company in the digestion and absorption of Japan, the United Kingdom, Switzerland production of chain conveyor advanced technology based on the design and manufacture of a new product of bulk transportation. Today's small series for everyone to give a grand introduction to the characteristics of the product, so that we choose the conveyor has a reference point.

The product has a reasonable design, novel structure, significant energy saving, light weight, small size, good sealing performance, can load multi-point unloading, flexible process layout, large conveying capacity, long service life, easy installation, maintenance and so on. Especially suitable for building materials, chemical industry, grain, mining, thermal power, smelting, ports, heating and other industries.

Chain conveyor is suitable for conveying powdery, small granular and small block materials. Can be transported materials: cement, crushed coal, pulverized coal, limestone powder, coke powder, yellow sand, sawdust, wheat, salt, starch, cottonseed, shredded feed, rice, soybeans, corn, urea, synthetic fertilizer, soap powder, soda powder, plastic particles, sulfur, polyethylene, resin, potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfide, graphite, viscose powder, slag, soda and so on.
For the following materials, it is not appropriate to use this product corrosive, viscous (adhesion) strong, suspension is very strong, fluidity, wear is very strong, high temperature toxic, explosive and fragile materials.

FUType Chain ConveyorThe product uses bulk material to have the characteristics of internal friction and side pressure, which ensures the stable state between the material layers, and forms a continuous overall flow under the action of the conveyor chain. Chain Conveyor main head section, middle section, optional section, tail, and conveyor chain, inlet and outlet, drive, etc., the drive is divided into left and right two kinds, the drive model according to the conveyor volume and transmission length of the selection; Chain conveyor products at present, the common form of inlet layout is divided into three types: the inlet, side feed port, both sides of the feed port, The outlet is the head outlet, can also be the middle bottom discharge and the middle side of the material, for the user to choose.

  The above is aboutFUChain ConveyorThe details of the use, I hope you can bring help in the shopping. Our company also welcomes the majority of users call to inquire about ordering! The company has been pursuing a professional development path, through continuous improvement, always master the high-end precision of the core technology, superb manufacturing technology and product quality control, with our professional services to help customers create higher value, we believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, will be able to achieve mutual benefit with customers and win!