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Advantages of a new generation of large inclination conveyors
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

  The type of conveyor products on the market is complex and the quality is not at the same level. Our company'sDja Type VerticalLarge inclination conveyorthan the general conveyor design is reasonable, firm structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, large inclination transport, large conveyor capacity, small footprint, long service life, a wide range of options. Then we must want to know what the characteristics of the company's conveyor in the end of the design, the following small series for your specific introduction.

The company's large inclination conveyor is widely used in coal, metallurgy, building materials, grain, chemical industry, electricity and other industries, in the ambient temperature of -25c to +40c range of transport stacking density of 0.5 to 2.5t/mi of a variety of scattered materials. The conveyor belt with special materials can transport special materials such as high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

Large inclination wave-shaped retaining belt conveyorThe main advantages of:

(1)The conveying angle of the large inclination wave-shaped retaining belt conveyor0In the °~90° range, it is a large inclination to loseDelivery and vertical lifting of the ideal equipment, completely solve the ordinary belt conveyor can not reach the transport height, saving the floor area, saving equipment investment and civil construction costs. For example, a user wants to lift coal to the top of a 20m high silo, such as the use of edge machine to 45° the inclination of the conveyor, the captain only need 28.3m (horizontal Captain 20m), the use of vertical conveyor edge machine, horizontal captain can be controlled within 6m.

(2)Wave-shaped retaining tape with high strength, large conveying capacity, long service life and other advantages. CurrentLarge inclination belt conveyor lifting height up to203m, vertical conveying material particle size is the largest400mmMaximum conveying capacity up to6000m3/h

(3)Compared with ordinary belt conveyor, bucket hoist and scraper conveyor, the comprehensive performance of large inclination belt conveyor is superior. There is no buried scraper conveyor card chain, fluttering chain, chain break phenomenon, there is no bucket hoist often occurred skidding, drop phenomenon, reliability and universal belt conveyor almost equal.

(4)Equipment of the main components and ordinary belt conveyor general, easy to use maintenance.

(5)Because there is no excavation resistance at the time of loading and internal friction of the runtime materialand external friction resistance, so the energy consumption is small. For example, the two lifting heights used at the Lunan fertilizer plant are 19.28m each, and the conveyor capacity is 25t/h of the vertical edge of the conveying coal, each with an installed power of only 4kW, and the total installed power of the original four buried scraper conveyors replaced by them is 44kW.

(6)The structure is simple and reasonable. Horizontal to Tilt section transition, smooth and low noise, the nose, tail part can be set at any length of the horizontal conveyor section, easy to connect with other equipment.

Our company combines many years of production experience, forLarge inclination conveyorIn the process of operation, easy to produce running deviation and tape skirt, retaining edge wear large sharp problems, self-designed a new type of duplex (overall precision casting) pressure belt wheel and duplex roller, so as to effectively ensure the smooth operation of the whole machine, extend the service life of tape and roller.