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Construction parameters of slag removal machine
Edit:Tongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

We all know the dust collector, the cleaning machine, that slag removal machine?Slag removal machineIs it used to remove food scraps after fruit, such as the use of soy milk machine or broken wall cooking machine? Of course not, slag removal function in power supply, heating and other projects play an irreplaceable role! Today's small series for you to introduce the detailed introduction of slag removal machine!

Slag removal machineis a continuous work of slag conveyor equipment, by the transmission device, actuator, slag groove, chain and sprocket and so on, wherein the transmission device by the motor, reducer, active sprocket and rack and other components. The power is passed from the motor through the Triangle belt to the reducer, and through the coupling, so that the active sprocket rotation, drive the chain. The chain is connected by a chain of cylindrical pins, the chain has three different materials of cast iron, ductile iron and cast steel, and the chain slips in the slag trough with cast slate, bringing the slag out. Therefore, it has the characteristics of clean slag, wear resistance, long service life and so on. Because the coupling is fitted with a column pin with a safety groove, it is not easy to damage important parts and burn the motor when the slag machine is overloaded and abnormal.

Slag removal machineCan be used for power generation production, domestic heating used in coal-fired steam, hot water boiler removal slag use, can be10Million KW unit,300Tons/When the following horizontal boiler matching, single or multiple boilers in series slag removal use, good water sealing, to minimize the labor intensity of slag, improve the working conditions of the boiler room, keep the boiler room clean, make the boiler normal operation, to ensure production, life needs. This machine belongs to the open water closed slag removal machine, the form has the cement machine groove and the Iron Machine groove two kinds. In addition, it can also be used as a diameter80The use of particles below millimeters and the conveying equipment for powdery industrial materials is widely used and has a significant effect.

Slag removal machineIn production, life are playing a role, it also has an indispensable role in the improvement of our living environment, welcome customers to inquire about ordering! The company slag Removal Machine has a professional, technical, at the same time has superb manufacturing process and product quality control. The company in addition to slag machine quality solid, life-long warranty, we will professional services to help customers create higher value!